Five Nights at Freddy crazy games 2021

Five Nights Freddy crazy games 2021 are a “top-ranking action-based horror games”. This game is often abbreviated as FNaF. As the title of the game, Five Nights shows that this game is a fearful one in which you are working as a security guard on Freddy’s pizza place. Why parents and children show alike attraction towards this game? The main reason in my mind is, of course, Freddy Fazbear, and his two companions. If you want to play Mixed macho arts crazy games 2021 

Freddy Fazbear and his two friends are animatronic robots and their responsibility is to carry out the affairs of pizza hut. As they are robots, so they are programmed in such a way to please the crowd and to bring off their demands. During the night, the behaviour of these robots become somehow alarming and unpredictable


Five Nights at Freddy crazy games 2021

About this game

This game is basically a horror game. The whole scenario of this game takes place at Freddy’s pizza hut. Freddy and his companions are the members of management of this pizza place. During the daytime, they act like a normal employee and fulfill their responsibilities, but at night their behavior becomes somehow terrifying and strange. You are hired as a security guard, and your responsibility is to keep an eye on the management staff.

You should keep an eye on the robots through the CCTV camera installed in your room. You are allowed to utilize a very small amount of electricity at the night. You should cooperate with the budget and try to properly monitor the activities of the animatronic robots. It means that when you run out of electricity, no more security doors, lights, and camera footage are available. You should properly monitor the activities of them and if you find any terrifying activity like they are not on their posts, you must find them through the CCTV Camera and protect yourself from their attack if needed.

Five Nights at Freddy crazy games 2021

It might seem easy but it becomes very to control the frightened and terrifying behavior of these robots. In order to win the game, you must survive as a security guard for five consecutive nights with a very small amount of resources, food, and power. You have to prove yourself the best security guard who is able to survive within the short supply of power. Can you prove yourself? Are you able to survive in such a difficult situation? Once you have succeeded in the first episode, you must try to play the second one. 

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This game a lot of features. In this game, your survival skills are checked. You have to survive five days with a limited supply of power and resources. There is a camera with which you have to monitor the many areas with low visibility range and limited power supply within a specific time. You have to find Freddy and his friends if they are not present in their appropriate positions. For this, you need a clever mind.

Moreover, the environment during the whole game is dark, scary, and creepy. There are five main characters in this game including Freddy and his two friends. The whole game revolves around these five main characters. You should control your emotions and senses when you saw the creepy toys and dolls hanging on the walls.

History of this game

The history of this game is very interesting. “Scott Cawthon” published a game Friendly Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. Many people play this game and give him very interesting reviews. Reviewers called this game an “unintentionally scary and terrifying game”. The public described the main character of this game i.e the young beaver as a creepy and terrifying “animatronic robot”. Instead of getting angry and annoying, he got an idea of making an “intentionally terrifying game, Five Nights (FNaF)”. 

Development and Release

This game was developed by Scott Cawthon and released on 24 August 2014. Scott Cawthon is a famous game publisher who has developed and published many other games.

How to Download

This game is “free to download” and it is easily installed on your device. This game is portable on many devices. More than 1 million people downloaded this game on their Androids. The new version of this game was updated on Jul 31, 2020. The size of this game is 103 MB.  


This game was portable on many devices. The whole series of this game was released for Web Browser, iOS, Android, and Steam. Moreover, You can this game on your Desktop Browser. 

Modern Versions

After the popularity of his first game, Scott Cawthon released series of this game. 

. The first three games are similar in which you are working as a security guard in a pizza place and you have to survive against the animatronic robots.

. The fourth game is somewhat different from the previous three games. Instead of the pizzeria, it takes place in the house of a small child who has to protect himself from the attack of creepy animatronic robots.

. The fifth game takes place in the maintenance facility instead of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza place. This time, the player is a technician who has to fight against the animatronic robots. 

. The sixth game is somehow similar to the first three games. In this game, the player act as an owner of the restaurant who has the responsibility to decorate and maintain the restaurant with the payable items. The player will also work during the night shift.

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