clicker heroes crazy games 2021

clicker heroes crazy games, the best idle game. This game is considered to be a “top-ranking clicker game” as compared to the other games that belong to the same category. Basically, this game is an adventurous game and considered an ” original idle clicker game” in which you have to kill different enemies like monsters, zombies, and some bosses and collect gold coins by finding treasure boxes in order to upgrade the different skills of your hero like his weapon, suit, and many others. Also, this game is considered the founder of the whole genre of crazy clicker games. Also Read about Car Games to play with friends 2021

About this game

At the start of this game, the player is presented in front of different zombies and monsters and asked to fight against them. For killing the enemy, the player simply clicks on the enemy, and each click acts as a single attack. That is why this game is called a clicker game. Once the enemy is killed by the player, gold is dropped from the enemy which is collected by the player, and later, it can be used to upgrade and purchase different characters.

clicker heroes crazy games 2021

The player can also enhance his clicking attack with the help of gold coins. Each purchased character has its own damage level different from the other and also has its own upgrades.

The purchase becomes more expensive each time. In each level, the player should at least kill 10 enemies in order to complete that particular level and every fifth level is a boss level. Boss has extra health as compared to the other enemies and you need more effort for killing him. Boss level has a timer and you should kill the boss within the time, otherwise, you will lose the game.


This game has very interesting features. The most attractive feature of this game is the collection of gold coins present inside the treasure box. As you move forward in the game, there are different stages and regions having a new and more powerful monster for the fight.

At the very start, the forest region is available and gradually it changes into the dryland. When you kill a frozen monster in the background, it will explode and reduces the health of the current enemy. Moreover, when you “consume a mushroom“, it will increase your 5% damage strength for a short time. In this game, the upgrade of heroes is interesting. Read about crazy monkey games unblocked 2021

At the very start, the hero called “Cid” is available that boosts up your basic attack and increases the damage strength of your attack. Furthermore, you have the “tree beast”. This creature has an awesome tree-like body having high damage idle attack and strengthens your defensive ability. As you move forward in the game, the purchase of the next character becomes more expensive, but their damage skills are more powerful. 

The main theme around which this game revolves is to gather different Hero Souls”, which are used to buy Ancient characters that will strengthen the player. The benefits of an Ancient depends on which Ancient you have purchased. When the primal bosses in the initial levels are killed, the player must perform an Ascension in order to collect different Hero Souls.

Development and Release

This game was developed and published by the independent studio Playsaurus. This game was released on different websites in specific years. This game was first released on the gaming website Kongregate. This game was released on “Browser in 2014, Microsoft Windows in May 2015, Android in Aug 2015, and PlayStation 4 in 2017”. The iOS version of the game was released in June 2016 and generating an income of 250 US Dollars. 


This game is free to download and it is easily installed on your device. This game is portable on many platforms like Microsoft Windows, XBOX, Web Browser, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4, etc.

This game is free of cost for download but you can purchase different heroes in order to increase your damage strength. More than 50 million people download this game and its size is 52.17 MB. This game has ratings of 3+. Also, the new versions of this game are available for Android.

Modes and Genre

This game contains only mode i.e single-mode and the Genre of this game is “Idle Clicker”. Worldwide, this game received a very positive response from the public and appreciated by the youth.

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