Basketball legends crazy games 2021

The basketball legends crazy game is a top-ranking sports game. This game is an opportunity for all of us to play basketball, the most famous game of the past few years. In this game, we have to select our team and compete against different teams. At the start of the game, we have a choice to select either 1 Player, 2 player mode, or quick game. If we select the 1 player mode or quick game then we will play against the computer. On the other hand, if we want to compete with our friend then we should select 2 player mode. If you want more games to enjoy then you can try Mixed macho arts crazy games 2021.

For winning the game we should perform 3 pointers and dunks and try to score more baskets within the time. Now, we will discuss some features of this game.

About this game 

At the very start of the game, you should select whether you want to play with a single-player or with a team as mentioned above. Then, you have to select those players you want in your team. This game contains the famous players of the past few years including James Harden, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and of course Luka Doncic. When you select your teammates then you have to play basketball with your opponents. You have to score more goals in order to win the match. At the very top of your screen, there is a timer showing the remaining time, and at the corners scoreboard is showing the score of both teams.


basketball legends crazy games

For scoring more goals, I will suggest you, check the controls of this game before starting the game. Also, you can pause the game when you want and then resume it. If you want to put down the music, then simply click on the music button at the very top corner of your screen.

Development and Release

This game was developed by MadPuffers. This studio also produces many other famous like Moto X3M, Basketball stars, etc. This game was released in September 2020.


This game has a lot of features. The first and the main feature is it contains different famous basketball player that you can choose as your teammates. Moreover, this game contains different interesting modes like 1P, 2P, and quick-game. This game has excellent quality graphics which attract the player towards this game. The music of this game is very soft, structural, and according to the situation of the game.

In this game, you have different types of moves that you can use to defeat your opponent. The dodging and shooting in this game are very easy and unique. Also, you can dunk on your opponent using these skills in order to win the game earlier. The players show different impressions according to the situation. For example, if one player scores a goal then it becomes happy, on the other hand, the loser will start crying.

You can also play with your friend. Also, the online mode of this is available. You can comment about this game that either you like this game or not.

How to play this game 

This game is very interesting and easy to control. This game is very interesting and easy to control. After selecting the mode of your choice, you have to start this game. Now, we will discuss the controls of this game. The controls of every mode are different from the other.

For 1 Player (1P) and quick game

For moving forward or backward in this game, A and D or left or right arrows are used. In order to pump or block the shot, press the button “S”. If you want to steal, dodge, and shoot the ball inside the basket, X or L is used. Moreover, for hitting a powerful shot, you should press the buttons K or Z. In order to dash your opponent, you have to press the A and D buttons or left or right arrows twice, i.e A+A and D+D. 

For 2 Players (2P) 

If you want to move player 1, you will use the A and D buttons.  For moving player 2, you have to use left and right arrows. For shooting and stealing the ball, player 1 uses “A” and player 2 uses “L”. In order to pump and block the shot from your opponent, player 1 uses S, and player 2 will use the down arrow. For dashing/dodging your opponent player 1 will use A and D buttons twice (2 times), and player 2 will use left and right arrows twice. And, if you want to hit a super shot, then press the button K.


This game is “free to download” and easily installed on your device. You can download this game from different sites. More than 1 lakh people download this game.


This game is portable on many devices but mostly played on the Web Browser(PC Browser). This game is portable on PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX, and on many other devices except Android. 

Enjoy this adventurous and funny basketball game on

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