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KING BOUNTY 2 game is a tactical turn-based game that is not yet released but expected to be released in near future. This game is considered one of the world’s most popular games because of its non-linear story and remarkable 3D graphics. This game is basically an extension of the King’s Bounty series. The first game of this series is released in 1990. 


What do you think about this game? Is the King’s Bounty 2 Dark Fantasy or more contemporary? This game is a Dark Fantasy game but contains some realistic elements in it. This game offers a truly immense and realistic RPG experience to its players. In this game, you have to experience a world of fantasy and realism filled with remarkable and compelling stories, and memorable characters. Its most popular games of all time 2021.

About this game

This game is considered the top raking and popular of the Last three decades till its start. King’s Bounty 2 is expected to be launched in Aug 2021. This game contains different realistic creatures in it that also increase the attraction towards this game. Basically, in this game, there are three different heroes, each with its own distinct story. You have to be the teammate of one of these three heroes.

When you select your team, now you have to embark on your horse and enter the world of fantasy and adventure. The story of this is unpredictable and non-linear, and once you have entered the game, every moment is the game-changer. 

Then, the game splits into two different phases, the players have to cross the realm( circle or boundary) from the third-person’s point of view. Moving towards their journey, players will experience the wilderness of their surroundings, pick the inquiries from different people, and also know about the people they meet during the adventure. After some time, the conflict or the disagreement between the players arises, and the perspective turns into tactical turn-based combat. In order to win the fight, players have to make smart and efficient use of their units.


The whole story of this game takes place in the “Antara”. This the place from where “a great danger arises” and the players have to different “blight-distorted creatures”. The creatures were basically roaming the countryside i.e, Antara. A mysterious blight has fallen on the countryside destroying the land and those who were living there. The public of this area was forced to move out of this countryside.

Refugees from the affected areas have started moving towards the Kingdom of Nostria, putting a small amount of food and resources with them. Blight-distorted creatures and once-living souls now roam on the countryside leaving destruction everywhere. The land itself is trying to fight against these creatures and it depends on you, how will you fabricate the future of Antara.


Aivar is the hero in this game, who served in the Royal Guard, but he left to join a band of mercenaries along with his several companions. After many years, no one from all his friends was alive. All his friends died in battles against different enemies. Also, Aivar is the one who brought the United Kingdom once to ruin.

In the world of Antara, where King’s Bounty 2 takes place, there are different races and monsters available in the game. These are humans, dwarfs, undead dragons, trolls, and a few other species. In each race, there are at least two or sometimes three groups or factions. Each faction has its own particular fighting style and its own set of units different from the others. For example, the Bandits are more offensive in their tactics, while the Royal Guards favor the defense. Besides the dwarfs and humans, you will also meet several other creatures.

The most fantastic creature in the game is the chimera. There are over 70 different types of units that you can enlist for yourself or even fave on the battlefield. You can’t equip your unit with artifacts, but you can equip them yourself. Any artifact worn by your hero will directly benefit your unit. If you want to customize your army, you have to buy certain artifacts set.

There is a huge variety of artifacts and units in the game which means that plenty of options are available. You can also customize your character, every customized item like pants, helmets, amulets, etc will be visible on the hero.

Is there any visual difference between the individual soldiers in the squad? Yes, each soldier in the squad is slightly different from the other. They have clothing variations and different facial features. For example, A group of ten spearmen will all wear the same suit or outfit, but one of them may have a beard while the other has a mustache. One of them may have a smudge on his helmet, in short, every soldier is different from the other. 


Any unit may be kept in reserve. As we all know that different enemies require different perspectives and varying combinations of units in order to defeat them. Each unit has its own characteristic fighting skills. Some units perform well against magical creatures, some against armored enemies. If your enemy has a lot of archers, you will need a completely different setup.

If you want, you can buy every available unit and keep them in reserve and your reserve has no limits.  How big is our army? You can establish five squads on the battlefield.

The heroes of this game have a  leadership skill that corresponds and decides the maximum number of soldiers per squad. There is also a limit on how many you can place in a single hex. You have a choice that you want to deploy a large creature like a dragon in a hex, but you can also place multiple spearmen in the same hex. You have to improve your leadership quality if you want to field the maximum number of soldiers in a squad. The War Dogs starts with only three dogs but as you improve your leadership skill, this number is increased.


This game contains a lot of interesting features that its players can enjoy. These are:

Interactive and non-linear story:

The story of this game is cinematic and different from other games. This game puts a choice in players’ hands rather than their mouths. Classic RPG traditions and the players have to frequently face difficult moral choices for the fate of the realm, make the situation and story of this game cinematic and pictorial.

Extraordinary 3D graphics:

The excellent graphics of this game improves the fantasy and realistic appearance of this game.

Unique squads:

Every squad is different from the other one. Each squad consists of distinct units, each unit has its own set of properties and particular fighting style. The physical appearance of each soldier is unique. Instead of humans, players also have a choice to build the armies of dwarfs, trolls, spearmen, and other creatures.

World-wide play:

You can play this game worldwide with hundred and thousands of different players. You can also invite your friends to play this game.

Customized items:

You can customize different items like helmets, pants, and amulets, etc. Your customized items will be visible on the hero on the battlefield. 

New character development system:

This game offers its players three characters, and players have to choose any of them. Each character has its own unique story and their stories will change when they align themselves with different ideals: strength, art, and order. 

Reserve option:

Players also have the option to reserve their units if they want in order to put down the enemy. There is no hard and fast limit on how many units you can reserve.


Take part in different tournaments, combine in the form of clans and squads and discuss the strategy of the game through online chat. 

Advanced tactical features on the battlefield:

King’s Bounty 2 offers you advanced tactical features on the battlefield such as Line of Sight for deeper, richer, and extensive combat experiences. These surprising tactical events in the mid of battle will keep the players active and on their toes.

A unique combination of fantasy and realism:

This game is a mixture of fantasy and realism. In this game, players will experience a vast world of fantasy with sandy realism to make sure that the players will remain grounded and active in this world of fantasy and realism. 

Choose the strongest soldiers unit in order to defeat your opponent.

Development and release:

This game was developed by ” 1C Entertainment” and published by ” Deep Silver”. This game was not yet released but expected to be released in Aug 2021. 


This game is a part of the “King’s Bounty” series.


This game is portable on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, XBOX One, PlayStation 4. Moreover, you can also enjoy this game on your Android and PC.

Modes and Genre

This game has a Single-Player mode. This game is a tactical turn-based dark realistic fantasy game. You can also play this game online with your friends.

How to Download:

This game is free to download and you can download this game on your Android as well as on your PC. For Android, you can install this game from App Store or Play Store. More than 1 million installed this game just on their Androids.

King’s Bounty 2 dev diary shows off 3D combat

This new development blog presents 3D areas that are distinctive in scale and provide advantages to assailants on the highlands and to the sight of completely blocked lines, as opposed to the flat war maps previously used. This video also describes improvements such as the ability to lift troops so you do not need to replace starting troops if you want them.

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