Bushiden PC Download 2021

 Bushiden is an action-based game set in a futuristic and fantastic world where you have to survive against your opponents. This game is supposed to be influenced by Metroidvania. In this game, your greatest enemy or foe is supposed to be resuscitated from death and now he is seeking to take his revenge. You have to protect your sister from the cybergenetic army. You can also enjoy different interesting features in this game. 


This game is considered a combination of tumult combat along with different exploration elements. There is also a slight Ninja texture in this game. You have to perform different ninja skills in order to defeat your opponent.

About this game


The story of this game is very interesting. The main idea around which this whole game revolves is you have to protect your sister from diabolic Gaoh and his cybergenetic army. At the very start of the game, your sister is supposed to be disappeared and your greatest enemy Gaoh has been resurrected along with his evil army called a cybergenetic army. You have to defeat this enemy and its leader Gaoh once and for all in order to save your sister and win the game.


This game contains a lot of interesting features that its players can enjoy. 

1. Interesting levels: In this game, there are seven interesting and non-linear levels that you can enjoy. Also, there is a prologue area at the end of a level. 

2. Epic Boss fight: At the end of a level, there is an epic boss fight that you have to survive in order to unlock a new expedition level and to enhance your fighting skills and combat abilities. Moreover, your survival in the epic boss fight is also necessary in order to win a level, otherwise, your previous progress will be lost. 

3. Unique crowd control combat system: In this game, there is a unique crowd control combatn system that gives the players an opportunity to fight powerfully against the enemy, also the player is able to dispatch the hordes or gangs of the enemy and to easily kill them. 

4. Upgradation: If you want to upgrade your abilities, you have to simply revisit the levels. It also helps you in the discovery of new areas, getting access to different secret rewards, and to become more powerful as compared to the past. 

5. Excellent Graphics: This game contains remarkable excellent graphics which as a result increases the attraction of the public towards this game. 

6. Well-designed levels: This game contains fully well-designed levels that the players can enjoy. Every next appears as a new challenge and is more difficult than the previous one. After passing the checkpoint, there is a relief. But, overall every new level is a crisis in which he or she finds him/herself. 

7. Creative bosses: Every move of each boss is different from the previous one. Every boss appears different from the previous one and also he has different skills that will prove himself a difficult challenge. 

8. Beautiful Pixel-art: As we all know that 3D games are better than 2D games. But, the situation seems the opposite, in this case, this game contains 2D graphics, but the beautifully drawn and animated pixel arts make this game a competent of 3D games.

9. Purchase upgrades: In this game, you can purchase different upgrades and Chi Spell Attacks from the Tech Shop in order to enhance your gaming skills.  

10. Different Weapons: In this game, there are different weapons available for the players. Each weapon has its own specific characteristics different from the others. You can easily choose the most suitable weapon according to your preferences, and also you can purchase different upgraded weapons according to your budget.



This game has interesting gameplay different from the other games.


This interesting game starts with a prologue level that culminates or ends on the battle that took place between Reylee and Gaoh. Reylee and Gaoh are the two characters in the game. Reylee  and Gaoh are the two characters in the game. Reylee is a protagonist in the play while Gaoh is the antagonist. They both are opponents and fight against each other six years prior to the events of the game.


After completing the prologue, the whole narrative or story turns into the present situation and the player is now able to select any of the available six levels. As mentioned above that defeating the boss is necessary for completing a level, by defeating the boss, Reylee will be granted a new ability that is different from the previous one and more powerful.

Moreover, you can exit a level in the game before the completion at the save terminals, and also you can visit it again if you want, even after the completion of that level in order to utilize the upgraded abilities of Reylee investigating for secrets. 

Completion of all the six available levels results in the opening of the final level i.e Gaoh’s Tower. This level puts Reylee on a collision course with the final showdown between him and Gaoh. 

Levels in this game:

  • Roukyuu Factory (Prologue) 

Basically, this is a backdrop or prologue in the game, in which there is a fight between Reylee and Gaoh six years before the present situation in the game.

  • Shensei Forest

In this level, there are different animals running in the forest, and the whispering of an unsettling activity is surrounding you. The whole situation seems that something threatening is taking place in your surroundings.

  • Himitsu Lab

This secret place has been overhauled by Gaoh and his cybergenetic army. They will use this lab for producing different new biological weapons infused by the dark powers of the underworld. They will use these weapons to destroy the world.

  • Enkaku Desert 

In this area, there are advanced types of equipment installed which shows that there is a heavy activity in this region. It seems that Gaoh and his army are constructing a new facility. What do you think about this activity?

  • Kyuubou city

This city has been abandoned by Gaoh and his army. The citizens of this area are nowhere to be found. It is supposed that they all are kidnapped by Gaoh in order to use them in experiments and apply different biological weapons on them to deduct the results.

  • Kichou Caverns

 It is assumed that the caverns are invaded with dark forces. You can watch them stripping or clearing their caverns of their precious gems in order to fulfill the and demands of their cybergenetic army. 

  • Haikyo Sewers

Earthquake waves show that there is an unusual amount of activity underground in these sewers. What do you think about this activity? Which kind of activity is this? Did you find the reason behind this activity?

  • Gaoh’s Tower

The final level of this game that you can approach after the first six levels. This level is an arrangement for the final showdown or fight between Reylee and Gaoh. Reaching Gaoh and approaching this level is not an easy task, so be mentally prepared for this task!

This game offers its players a choice regarding what type of experience they want during this game. The players can complete this game without revisiting any level if they want to enjoy a linear arcade action experience.

Development and Release

This game was developed by “Pixel Art Studios” and later on published by “Humble Games”. This game is not yet released but expected to be released by the of this year. Its planned release date is 2021

How to Download Bushiden Game

This game is free to download and easily installed on your device. This game got so much popular after its release and millions of people will download this game. You can get more exciting crazy games like KING BOUNTY 2- Best Game.


This game is portable on different devices. You can enjoy this game on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Microsoft Windows, and also on PlayStation 4. Moreover, this game can be installed on your PC and you can enjoy it. This game is a ninja action platformer game.  

Modes and Genre

This game has only a single-player mode. This game is a Futuristic action based ninja platformer game.

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