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Tic tac toe is usually played and known as the paper and pencil game. It is a timeless and strategic game. This game is also well known by its name called noughts and crosses in the United Kingdom.

This game is mostly played either on an online platform or on paper by two players, x and o who take turns by marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who quickly succeeded to draw his letter either in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is said to be a winner.

This game has stood the test and time and always remains popular. The reason for this is because of its simple easy to learn and fun strategy. But it’s also difficult to master because as like you, your opponent also knows the optimal strategy.

In this particular online game setup, you will get three modes of this game.

  • Single-player vs. AI opponent
  • Multiplayer split-screen
  • Multiplayer online.

It’s upon your choice that whether you will want to play with an opponent, either with a friend or any other player around the world to challenge them to test your own skills.

In this awesome game, we can change the grid size too. You will either play the default grid 3×3 or you can pick the 5×5 and 7×7 grid too. This will help to be a perfect master in this particular game and adds more additional strategies to play and win interesting matches.

Tic tac toe game board


Tic Tac toe



How to beat impossible tic tac toe:

This game looks so easy to watch and if said it is also very easy and interesting. If   One could understand the tactics and fully memorize the strategic steps of this game that how to play it perfectly, obviously victory will be in his name.

Google impossible mode of this game is something awesome. If Google says about a particular programme that it is impossible it surely is. But it’s not too difficult for a human to learn the complete strategy of this game.

If the game is played by someone in a proper strategic manner, he may never beat the computer, he will never lose it either, at the end draw is the result.

There are various ways or strategies to beat the impossible tic tac. Here we will discuss a few of them:

Tic tac toe strategies:

If you want to know the strategies’ and win this game quickly without any hurdles then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some strategies that how to over tackle your opponent in a few moments. These few simple and easy strategies of tic tac can make you the master of this game. Also, you can understand strategies for a Bubble shooter game which is good for play.

 How to win when you go first:

During playing this game if you are the one who starts the game so it’s a simple strategy on account that how to win this game. Simply the effort you can do is that put your “x” in any corner. This move will make your guaranteed victory in-game as soon as your opponent doesn’t put their “o’ in the centre box. In this case it is harder to win but it can happen when the opponent makes mistake.

When your opponent put “o” in the centre try to win. You can wait for your opponent major mistake but if he can’t do any mistake and play perfectly then it’s sure that there would be a tie.

How to win when you go second:

During the match, if your opponent takes the centre space then it would be harder for you to win. If he does so, place your letter in the corner. Same as the case if your opponent takes the corner space then place your letter in the middle space. Doing this technique will force a draw in both cases. There would be a chance of winning when the opponent made a major mistake.

But, involuntarily:

when an opponent puts a letter in the edge rather than a corner then there is a chance of your victory. In such a situation put your first letter in the centre. Victory is yours in such case only when the opponent place their letter at the other edge, otherwise draw is the result.

How to win tic tac every time:

Finally, if you are willing to win the game every time you play it seems to be harder. There is no guarantee that every time you will win. Victory is determined by both players’ interactions in the game. There are many other variables that depend on the opponent’s placement.  If both players will pay intentions then, remember one thing that” always draw will occur”.


can I play the game tic tac toe?

Tic-tac is a classic, mind refreshing, timeless and awesome paper and pencil game and also an online platform game. Here you will find some extraordinary techniques and strategies that will help you to make a victory against your opponent.

Now remembering the question that whether you can play this awesome multiplayer game or not, the answer is pretty simple. You can play this game whether you are an adult, a child or a teenager. Playing this game you can feel fun and enjoy it a lot.

How do you play tic-tac-toe:

It’s totally depended on you that how you can play this game. Either you want to become a master then it’s upon to you that how to learn the strategies of the game and beat the opponent in quite a simple way. If you do not want your opponent to dominate you then you have to learn the tactics of this game and make a remarkable victory.

What is tic tac toe good for:

The classic noughts and crosses game is popular for its simple interference and also mind strategic ideas. This game always remains popular even nowadays. This game contains so many benefits for children as well as people of all other ages.

It is mainly good for your mental health as playing this will provide sharpness to your mind. This game panel improves social interaction by better collaborative play. Besides these, this game also improves hand to eye coordination.

Can I play tic tac toe with you Google:


Nowadays Google will allow you to play the games with search results. You can’t waste your time by downloading the separate apps for any other games including most popular games like solitaire and tic-tac. These games are available both on the desktop web and in its search app.

To access this game you simply go to Google and all you have to do is search (type game name). Now you can choose the different levels of this game like easy, medium, and difficult. Now enjoy this awesome game on Google as uninterrupted gaming.

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