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Online Cricket Games are well-known and popular sports played all over the world. I hope you all guys are familiar with it, but I want to explain it to those who don’t know anything about it. Cricket is commonly called a bat and ball game, in fact, it is a sport, because the bat and ball are two main elements of this sport. This best crazy game is played between two teams and each team has 11 players. At the center of the field, there is a pitch having a length of 22 yards or 20 meters with wickets at both ends. The wicket comprises of the three stumps and the two bails balanced at the top of these stumps.


Before the match starts, there is a toss between the two teams, and the winning team either decides to bat first or ball. The eleven players of the bowling teams land on the field and the batting side scores as many runs as possible by hitting the ball with the bat bowled at the wicket by the bowler. Runs are scored by running between the wickets after hitting the ball. While the bowling team tries to prevent this ball from leaving the field because it either results in four runs or six runs. The fielders want to hit the ball on either wicket as earlier as possible and dismiss that batsman (means that he is “out”).


The ways or means of dismissal of a batsman include “bowled” ( means that the ball succeeded in hitting the stumps and results in the dislodging of the bails). The falling of bails is considered a necessary point in this type of dismissal of the player. The next way is to catch the ball by the fielding side after it is hit by the batsman before touching the ground. It can also be done by hitting either wicket with the ball before a batsman can cross the crease or line in front of each wicket. Another way that I want to mention here, is the “lbw (leg by wicket) out”. It means that if the ball did not hit the player’s leg, then it would go straight to the wicket. In other words, the player’s leg becomes an obstruction to the wicket. When ten players have dismissed, the innings end, and the team swaps roles.


Traditionally, there are three umpires, two on the field and the third one outside the field. The game is judged by the on-field umpires, helped by the match referee sitting inside the control room. The third umpire is responsible for giving runouts, leg by wickets, and reviews.


 Different Forms of cricket

Generally, there are three different forms of this game ranging from T20, Test match, and ODI (One Day International). In twenty 20, each team bats for an innings of 20 overs. The Test matches are generally played over the 5 days. All the cricketers play in the all-white kits rather than the colored kit. In One Day International, each team bats for the innings of 50 overs and it takes nearly a whole day therefore, it is called ODI. In the limited-overs match, players wear their club or team colors. In addition to that, some players also wear protective garments in order to avoid the injuries caused by the ball. Protective gears are made up of hard and compressed leather with a spheroid and slightly raised sewn inclosing a hard cork core.



These games have a lot of interesting and thrilling features. Now, we will discuss some popular features:

Challenging levels: These games contain a lot of challenging levels that vary in their difficulty level. When you proceed in the game, the upcoming levels seem nearly impossible to complete. The opposition increases and you have to put extra effort into your shots to complete the levels. You have to score as many as you can and after that, you have to bowl carefully and strategically to win the match.


Excellent graphics: The most thrilling and heart-touching feature of these games is excellent quality HD graphics. Animations, stadium, crowd, and the objects in the game appear sensible and seem to breathe. The high-quality graphics are also responsible for delusion and the realistic appearance of the games. And makes their gameplay highly attractive.


Classical sports game: Cricket is a famous sport all over the world having a lot of interesting aspects. In this game, you have to toss first against the opponent team and then you have to either bat or ball. During the batting innings, you have to score as high as you can. And during bowling time, you have to bowl strategically to win the match.


Simple and easy controls: The controls of this game are easy and simple which makes this game intuitive and instinctive to learn from the very start for the newcomers. What you have to do is simply visit the control section before starting the game and follow it throughout.


Easy access: These games have an easy access for the players. You can enjoy these games on Web Browser, Android, and many others but the public mostly access the first one. If you wish to download them for offline enjoyment, then simply visit our site and click the download option to start the downloading process.


For all ages: These games are suitable for all persons. The age factor does not matter much, you can play it and enjoy the moments in your life. But, teenagers show more attraction towards these games as compared to the adults and aged. Also, you can enjoy remarkable moments by playing it with your friends and family members.


Completely free of cost: The most favorable aspect of these games is their free-of-cost gaming. You have to pay nothing and simply install these games on the respected devices. There is a choice that you can avail of by enjoying them on Web Browser (both the desktop and phone) and also some of them may be installed on Androids. They are free to download and a relaxing source for exhausted persons.


Free cricket games


Here, you will find a lot of thrilling and free-of-cost cricket games that you can enjoy both online and offline. You can enjoy them on Web Browser and if you wish you can download them as well. These games include batting games, bowling games, test matches, limited-overs games, and many others. For downloading them, you have to simply click on the download option and then wait to start the downloading progress. And after that, you can enjoy them offline for unlimited time.


Free cricket games download for Android 


Free cricket games for Android include a lot of interesting games that are easy and simple to download. These games include Real Cricket 18, Real Cricket 20, World Cricket Championship WCC, Real Cricket GO, and many others. These games are advanced 3D mobile cricket games having a lot of features. These games are a good source of fun and enjoyment for cricket lovers. These games are completely free to download and you can easily access them on PlayStore App Store.

Online cricket games download

Online cricket games include a lot of cricket games that you can for unlimited and never-ending time. What you have to do is simply access them either on Play Store for Android or on different websites and then click on the download option. After a few moments,  the downloading process starts and it will be completed after a few minutes depending upon your internet connection. Then, enjoy these games all the day and play with your friends and family members in online multiplayer mode.



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