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Snake vs block is a classic online game in which you have to break the bricks using a snake. In this game, you have a snake made up of several balls and your task is to break the bricks that come in front of you by directing your snake towards the targeted direction.

Along the way, you will also find many balls that you can pick to make your snake bigger in size and score high. So, try to break as many bricks as you can to get additional points and also try to get additional balls because it will your snake in his growth. Again, it appears so simple to just break the bricks but it will become a difficult task for you to reach high scores when your snake becomes massive in size.

Snake vs Blocks



What is a snake vs Blocks game?

The snake game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Nokia introduced this game on its earliest devices. This means that the game is still being played from 2000 until now, even the early games had basic graphics and some are even colourless, but the fact still remained and the games are still addictive and trendy.

It’s also called serpent games let you slither around like a snake, where you have to eat the bits of food, pick the balls, break the bricks, and much more to do. It sounds so simple and easy that you have to pick the spread food bits or break the balls but doing so will increase the size of the snake and it becomes very hard for you to reach the high score. Also, you can download Bubble shooter classic game.

Snake vs Block Download 

This game is very easy to download. And then install it on your device but before that carefully read the system requirements needed for opening the product. This game has more than 50 Million downloads on PlayStore.



There are some reasons behind the massive popularity of this game and its amazing features are one of them. Here is the list of some interesting features of this game:

Free to play:

This game is completely free to play and you have to pay nothing. All you have to do is simply install the game from PlayStore and then enjoy your leisure time with such an addicting game. And also, free access is responsible for the popularity of the game.

Never-ending Gameplay:

Another feature that I think really boosts the downloads of this game is its endless gameplay. Once, you download it and then enjoy it throughout your life.

Simple and easy controls:

The controls of this game are easy and simple which makes this game intuitive and instinctive to learn from the very start for the newcomers. All you have to do is swipe your finger to direct your snake towards his destination and try to break as many bricks as can. Also, gather a lot of balls to grow your snake and score more.

Challenge your friends:

You can also challenge your friends to beat your high score. Calls your friends and relatives to enjoy never-ending fun.

Excellent iconic music:

This game has excellent iconic music that really compels and motivates you to reach the next level in the game.

For all ages:

It doesn’t matter you are an old man or a young guy, still, you can play the game and equally enjoy the moments in your life.


This game was developed by “Voodoo, 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris”. The game was updated on August 5, 2021, and its size is 40M.



Is snake or block safe?


Yes, this game is completely safe for kids and requires that basic math skills. And is also helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Simply, install the game and enjoy unlimited fun.


Is snake or block free? 


As we mentioned above this game is completely free to play and you have to pay nothing. What you have to do is install the game from PlayStore for free and then convert your leisure time to enjoyment and fun.


When was snake vs block made?


This game was developed in the year 2017 by Voodoo. And released on 16 May 2017 all over the world.


How do you win snake vs block? 


Well, it’s pretty simple to play the game. Simply swipe from side to side collecting the numbered balls to grow your snake eventually to score high. Try to avoid entirely or crash through numbered blocks that will decrease the size of your snake by the number the show. Unfortunately, when you hit those blocks numbered higher than the size of your snake, you will die.

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