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Fleeing the complex stickman is a complex stick game. The type of this game is an adventure. A player is arrested by soldiers in case of diamond robbery and the player was trapped in a prison. This game is all about escaping, the player’s goal is to escape not only a cell but a whole prison that is totally guarded by other powerful stick guards. The player has to make a fast and quick decision in a life-death situation to escape the whole prison and survive to pass the mission, otherwise, death is waiting for him.


Download fleeing the complex henry stickmin on crazy games


History & developers:

Like all other games fleeing the complex stickman game also took time to be made but finally Puffballs United, the developers of this game, launch it on 12th November 2015.


Supporting platform:

Fleeing the complex henry stickman game is available on different platforms for different types of users. For example, PC gamers and mobile gamers are different users. Keeping that in view, the developers of this game provide it to platforms like Android, iOS, web browsers.

Name reason :

Fleeing the complex henry stickman games is the type in which henry the main character has to escape the flee. By the reason of its plot, this game was named.


As quoted by the developers of this game,

“Somewhere in a far-off land, where the snowy mountains meet the sea, lies a prison complex. Welcome to The Wall, the ‘home’ of some of the baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world. Henry has become the newest resident.” Puffballs United

This game extends the series of fleeing the complex stickman game and becomes 5th  and last version of this game so far.

Moving further in this series, the goal in this game is to choose the right paths, tools, and moves while you try to break into or out of different places to escape or face trouble and trouble means death.


The prison is confirmed to be somewhere on snowy mountains in Canada. Where the world’s most dangerous criminals are imprisoned.


Continuing the series of this game, henry was arrested by soldiers and thrown into a cell. The prison henry is in, is named here as The wall.

Henry has to escape the flee of soldiers with help of some of his old friends and make new friends for surviving and be free from the wall.

Henry wakes up and he found the warden welcoming him to The Wall. He tells him that he will be trapped long here. And the game starts, henry has to escape the wall.

For this fleeing the complex stickman games unblocked developers added different helping tools up in-game. Henry can take help from the environment as well as from old friends and can make a new one on his way to help him escape the flee. Different choices have different results so not only choices lead you to death or a failing mission.

Download fleeing the complex henry stickmin on crazy games


Helping Environment tools:

  • A helping character hatch up henry the stickman and henry go to the vault.
  • Henry tackles a guard by using charge tackle and runs towards the hallway, towards the end of The wall.
  • Then after transfer to another cell
  • Sterling wall guard’s phone, he is able to find and contact an ally for him.


In the end henry, the stickman complex play pretends to be dead. Guard’s of cell inform the warden and according to rules for dead bodies henry was supposed to be thrown into ocean and henry know that rules. So the warden gives order to the guards to throw him out in the ocean and after that stickman escapes the complex. And succeeded finally.


Stickman escapes the complex is just as unpredictable as the earlier games. Because no one knows what will be happened in the next step.


How to download fleeing the complex henry stickman games:

Go to your internet browser, search in the search bar “stickman escape the complex” and press enter. look for the website and select it. Then scroll down in the website and look for the download button, press it, and wait for your browser to make a download link. After few seconds your download will be started. After that just install the game and enjoy fleeing the complex henry stickman games. Thank you.

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