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Zombs Royale crazy games is an epic survival game set in a Royale Battlefield. In this multiplayer game, the player enters the deadly field via parachute just like in other Royale Battle games. Then he starts crawling looking for the resources and comradeship with other players. In simple words, you have to gather resources laid out in the field and build up your own base to survive against the terrifying zombies. Then, fight against the zombie hordes and take down the hostile players. There could only be one Zombs champion.

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Game Modes

Battle Royale is the common format that binds together the four main game modes. In this game, up to 100 players are launched together into an MMO battlefield afflicted with zombies. Suddenly, they start fighting and you have to put down them, otherwise, the battlefield slowly closes in on the players as time progresses. The four-game modes are:


  • Solo (the one-man army)
  • Duos  (two players unite and fight against the enemies)
  • Squads (four-player teams)
  • Limited-time (the game modes changes automatically after a few days)

How to play the game 

This survival game requires you to gather resources and build your base to survive against the enemies. Also, you have to build up a gold stash in order to put down the hungry zombies. But before this, you have to gather sufficient initial resources and find a tactical place (area covered with trees and stones) to build the base.

The next important thing that you have to remember is to protect your gold stash at all costs. The best way is to surround your base with defensive weapons and walls. And do not forget to construct gold mines to generate gold to upgrade your gold stash and buildings.

Most probably the zombies will only come at night and every upcoming wave will become stronger and you have to put more effort to defeat them. Purchase new weapons because they will help you in your survival against the enemies. Also, you have an opportunity to join a party with other people because it will help you to build a larger base and defend together. Are you a true survivor? Will you be able to protect your base? Good Luck!

Play free zombs royale crazy games free download

Weapons and Health 

All over the map, there will be various resources and weapons for you to utilize. You have to walk over the plunder to pick it up once you open up a chest. The plunder or loot includes ammunition, potions, and weapons.

Different types of weapons are available, with common and uncommon being the lowest and mythic being the highest. If you are holding a legendary or mythic weapon, probably the players will come after you to try and claim them.


You can customize anything from your emotes to costumes, backpacks, melee skins, sprays, and many others. When you establish your account on Royale Zombs, you will be able to purchase a vast range of costumes and cosmetic items to spruce up your guy. They do not give you an advantage in the game, but they do look good and your guy seems superior to others.


A classical Battle Royale game: This game is one of the classical Battle Royale games having a lot of thrilling features. In this game, you have to build a base, fight against the deadly zombies, and protect your buildings from enemies. It might sound easier but it will surprise everyone. Enjoy this interesting game that was designed to keep your brain sharp and active.


Large open maps with tonnes of loot: In this game, you have to explore huge maps with different locations to investigate. You join the field via parachute and navigate different locations where you find tonnes of loot to try out. You can use these resources further in building the base and protecting it from enemies.


Incredible 2-D Graphics:  This game seems more appealing and thrilling in front of players because of its HD graphics. Animations and Zombies appear sensible and seem to breathe. The 2-D graphics will improve the delusion and realistic appearance and makes its gameplay massively addicting.


Huge 100 players battlefields: Up to 100 players can join this interesting gameplay from all over the world. You have to survive in this huge battleground full of enemies. Beware of zombies attack especially during nighttime.


Simple and easy controls: The controls of this game are easy and simple which makes this game intuitive and instinctive to learn from the very start for the newcomers. All you have to is simply sign-up either using Google or Facebook account. Now, if you want to play against your friends, click on the left sidebar and choose your friend.


Easy access: Battle Royale games have easy access to their users. You can enjoy these games on Web Browser (both Android and desktop). If you want to install this game, you can easily address it on App and Play store.


For all ages: It does not matter either you are 50+ or a teenager, you can play it and enjoy the moments in your life. But, teenagers show more attraction towards these games as compared to adults and aged. Also, you can enjoy remarkable moments by playing it with your friends and family members.


Completely free of cost: Royale games are completely free to play. Only, you have to pay for the cosmetic items including costumes, backpack, melee skins, sprays, and many others. You have to simply install these games on the respected devices and enjoy your leisure time.

Play free zombs royale crazy games free download




  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Use left click to gather resources, weapons, attack, and build.
  • If you want to unselect an item, press Esc or right-click the mouse.
  • Press Q to switch weapons.
  • Press B to enter the shop menu.
  • Press P to enter the party menu.

Development and Release


This game was developed by Yang, Jeremiah, and Michelle in March 2018. The publishing company is called End Game.



Different platforms offer Battle Royale games but the most often used platforms are Web Browser, Andriod, and iOS.

Zombs Royale Unblocked 

Zombs Royale unblocked is a massive multiplayer Battle Royale game in your browser (both mobile and desktop). This game is basically an unblocked version of Royale Zombs, a game on Crazygamesdairy. It is provided here unblocked to allow you to enjoy it when your school or office has blocked the Crazygamesdairy. On the other hand, if you are playing at your home, you can enjoy this game fully functionally on https://crazygamesdiary.com/.

In this game, players are represented by round figures and are surrounded by a circular zone that shrinks as the game advances. Players enter the field via parachute and after landing on the map, they have to explore various locations and find out the strongest weapons. Each weapon comes in 6 different colors and damage. Also, do not forget to take your opponent’s strongest weapon with you.

As you move forward in the game, the safe region i.e “blue zone” starts shrinking and you have to put more effort to remain inside the safe zone. Also, make sure to avoid the fumes of toxic gas that form over the Royale map. You can customize different items including outfits, emotes, costumes, backpacks, melee skin, and sprays. Moreover, keep your eyes open when you are holding a mythic weapon because the players will come after you to claim them.

Complete daily challenges to earn coins and customize new cosmetic items.

Zombs Royale Unblocked 77


The unblocked 77 is a real-time 2D multiplayer survival game that featuring advancements in weapons and costumes. The unblocked version is basically an advanced method of enjoying the game when you stuck in your office or school.

The setting of this game is just the same as in ot

her installments of Zombs Royale. Players enter the field in the same way and explore resources. This game features assault rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, and many other advanced guns. But the shotguns are best for killing at a short-range. When you proceed in the game the enemies rush on you specifically during the night. So keep your eyes open and protect your gold stash.

Complete the missions as soon as earlier to earn gold coins that you can further either in your buildings or purchasing costumes. You also have an opportunity to join a party with other players from the neighboring countries which helps you to build a larger base and protect together. Moreover, every upcoming wave becomes stronger and you have to more effort into your shots.

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