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Online Shooting Games are highly searched demand on the internet. if you are looking for that, then you are at the right location because here you will find a lot of the best ones including 3D first-person and 2D third-person. Whenever you heard about shooting or gun games, what comes to your mind first. You might think classical Arena shooter game or a thrilling (FPS) shooter game with tactical and fast-paced gameplay. Will you test your reflexes in combat against other players from all over the world?




These are also called gun or firing games are generally referred to as combat games in which you have to defeat your opponent either with a single player or in an online multiplayer team match. Actually, they generally describe the situation where you have to defeat the enemy using weapons and guns given to your characters. Normally, these weapons include short-range pistols and long-range rifles. And whenever the discussion is about online multiplayer games, you must hear about FPS (first-person shooting) games where you test your reflexes and check your defensive skills against the other players from all over the world. Now, we will discuss subgenres that you definitely want to play.


  1. Shoot ’em up: In this subgenre, the players may have to move in all directions around the screen, typically shooting or firing straight forward. This subgenre generally shares common gameplay but might differ in the viewpoints of each player. The movement of the player and its weapon is generally guided down a fixed but scrolling screen.
  2. First Person Shooter (FPS): First-person shooters are generally characterized by on-screen gaming in which the character’s point of view is generally simulated. In this subgenre, the players are able to move their characters within the game world. The characters generally represent players from all over the world in online multiplayer mode. Many other categories like light gun shooters and rail shooters use similar perspectives as in FP shooters.
  3. Third Person Shooters: They are categorized by a third-person camera view that completely displays his/her surroundings and the characters or enemies around them. Therefore, it is called third-person shooters. Third-person shooters are also recognized for their fast-paced gameplay and the incorporation with the open-world adventurous games.
  4. Arena Shooters: They are recognized for their fast-paced game mechanics, quick speed and agile movement of the players, and squeezed maps (arena). These games are generally presented as FPS, therefore they are commonly referred to as FPS Arena. Arena shooters can also be played from other perspectives like the top-down view in certain games.
  1. Light Gun Shooters: The word gun shows that these games are designed for use with a gun-shaped controller, typically with a light gun. The light gun was first introduced in 1930, following the development of light-sensing vacuum tubes. Early mechanical light-gun games generally used small and moving targets on which the light beam is to be mounted. But, now the condition is somewhat different and light guns are commonly used in all games.


 Multiplayer Shooting Games 



These have a resemblance with online games because in online games players from all over the world are united in a single platform and multiplayer games also perform the same functions. Therefore, they are generally mixed with each other. Multiplayer allows the players to unite on a single page and then fight against others.

These are incorporated with FPS (first-person shooting) games in which the players have an opportunity to test their abilities and fighting skills against the other players across the world. They are also known for their speedy gameplay and the quick reactions of the players.

Online shooting games for kids:

Do you have a kid who loves to play? Are they constantly pestering you to let them play on your phone or PC, but you’re worried about the level of violence and gore in them? If so, there are plenty of best online shooting games for kids that will provide hours upon hours of fun and excitement.

As you probably already know, the problem with most of the shooting games for kids that are available is that they’re too gory. This is great for adults who would like to shoot at things in their spare time, but it’s not so good when you want your child to be entertained without having to worry about what they might see.

Luckily, the best online shooting games for kids will avoid this issue altogether by giving them brightly coloured graphics and gameplay instead. It also means parents can sit back and relax with peace of mind. Allowing the game designer to take care of your kid’s entertainment needs while you focus on something else is always a massive relief!

Well, if cuteness is your main concern, check out Pix City. The game is completely free to play and the goal of the game is to rescue little creatures that have been imprisoned by an evil wizard. It’s a very simple premise, but it will certainly be great fun for younger players who are new to this genre!


Single-player shooting games



Almost all of us are familiar with one-player or single-player games because at least once in your life you must have played them. They are generally played offline but there are certain Web Browser games that still require an internet connection. There is a single-player or character in 1P and he has to defeat all the other characters approaching him.

Each of the enemy characters is holding a weapon and once you have killed him, you can pick up his gun if you wish. There is a map that you have to see first before starting the game and follow it till the end of the game. Also, there are different locations and areas that you have to visit and win according to the situation of the game. You can also change the camera view if you want to do so.


Vehicle Combat


Another interesting and thrilling category fulfils your desire to engage in combat to test your reflexes and skills. You can do that in any arrangement and in any perspective you want. If you are willing to drive a tank and spread destruction, then take the control of a tank and unleash death and destruction. There is also a complete section of tank games for the players who wish to carve vehicular destruction. In some vehicle combat games, there is an active online base so you can find other players and match jump directly into the game.


If you wish to fly in the air, so you have to test the Air Wars series. Go anywhere to space you want in Space Battle. Also, there are strategic gameplays in which you have to kill the enemies while remaining in the air. You can also construct vehicles and machines for war and defeat others in high-octane ground combat.

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