Top 5 Couple Games to Play

 Top 5 Couple Games to Play

 Top 5 Couple Games to Play for couples or partners. If You are couple and you need some games which you can play with your partner so you are at place. Here you can get information about games which you can play with your partner. see also 3D shooting games for kids These games will help you to pass with your time best with your partner. Simply you will enjoy.

1)Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App for Couples


the couples are joining each other day by day and their numbers are increasing. this game is the best game which couple can play in their free time. It does not matter you are on bed or travelling somewhere. You can play it in your mobile phones. Also by playing this game you can your bond strong with your partner.

You can test your life partner, boyfriend or girlfriend in this game. It gives some funny touch when both couples play with each other to test each other. If you have any doubt on your hubby, then you can check and test with the help of this game.


  • Hundreds of questions you can make in this game.
  • Couples can ask question from each other.
  • Shows Progress and percentage.
  • Good interface & user friendly.

2) Desire – Couples Game

If you have any desires and you want something new and different. Then you can play this game for enjoyment. Every desire which you want to fulfill available in this game. It is a quiz based game in which you tell what you want and what you need to fulfill your desire. Try this game it’s an awesome piece.


Earn points:

You earn point’s in this game. By winning levels each level you get reward and points. These reward points help you to unlock more levels in the game.

Private chat:

You can do private chat with your partner in this game. No one can access Private chat except Couple.  And it’s a good feature.

Reach next levels:

When you do complete levels in the game. You move to the stage where you can grow relationship and bond with anyone.

3)The Couple Game:

The game with the easiest quiz to see how well they know you! Great for playing with your partner or with your best friends. You want your relationship to be tested?

The Couple Game is a questionnaire game involving testing your best mate or couple. In the game, queries about you show that must be answered correctly by your friend or partner, and that you must also answer theirs.


  • Questions and answers
  • Measure your relation bond
  • Can chat privately.


4)Awesome Couple Game

Awesome Couple Game is an online game that will give your companion’s conditional love a lot more pleasant and intense.

With this game put a spot of fun to the initial love that you can ask questions to better talk to your partner, and advise original tests to enjoy with your partner, making the situation cooler and prettier…

Fantastic Couple Game is an easy game to play, but you have two smart devices to help you with something if you have any questions (even if they do have anything).


  • Quiz questions.
  • Good Sound and Music.
  • User friendly.
  • Chat option available.


Lifeline is a game which includes creative ideas and stories. The stories help to make ideas and much more.  In this game you can decide and take decision about your life.  see also Open World challenging Racing Games  for your Kids. The feature of game allows you to make the death and life decisions. This story plays out in real time, a completely unique experience allowed by smart applications. Notifications send fresh messages during the day as Taylor fights to remain alive. Keep up when they come in, or when you’re free, catch up later.


  • Make decisions.
  • Imaginary real life environment.
  • Questions and answers (Quiz)




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