Shell Shockers Crazy Games for Kids

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer arcade shooting game for the PS2 console. The game comes with ten levels of increasingly difficult levels. You can use your two hands to operate the assault rifle, and there are also hand-held shells that have unique features that make them more effective against a variety of game types, including military. There are also hand-held cannon shells available to use against tanks. The game is simple but offers an incredible amount of skill and strategy that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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shell shockers crazy games

It is a multiplayer shooting game with a first-person role. It’s funny that if you like to eat eggs and imagine that you can also play with eggs on your phones. So yes it’s possible to do that with some easy steps. In Shell shocker, you can play with eggs and their characters. It is a real-time fighting game. You can play and enjoy this game with your friends and fellows.


Blue Wizard Digital introduced a new fun release to the io format, and the game is called Egg Invasion. Jump into the game and choosing your character name, egg form, and game mode. You must work hard to defend yourself and damage enemy eggs in this game. Test any game mode to see if the Shell Shock Arena can be won. Some players will stream their players to make themselves famous in life!


Agario is the developer of the Shell Shockers game. He initially designed and drew the game himself. The character “Barry” is the main character, and he can be seen on the right as you enter the base. The controls are simple; the left trigger will fire the weapon, up will pull the trigger, and down will fire the shell. Two buttons are used to activate multiplayer; one will change your weapons, and the other changes the rate of fire. This game is pretty challenging, even for experienced gamers, and anyone who has played before today’s game technology should find it relatively easy to get into.

Board Game:

The shocker is a Board game which includes very interesting and best levels. In this game, you can choose and build your ship with a deck by just following two to three steps.  It might be the funniest thing for you to become the top and most significant egg in the world.

shell shockers crazy games


Multiplayer Game:

Shell Shockers has a multiplayer component where you can pit yourself against the computer in co-op mode. If you enjoy the challenge of trying to shoot your way through an army of virtual robots, this is a great mode to play. The co-op mode also provides you with a bit more variety since you can play against the computer in a split-screen fashion. It’s a great way to practice your maneuvering skills and increase your ability to deal with different situations. Moto X3M Bike Racing is also the best multiplayer game.

For those who enjoy the single-player experience, the game has a limited amount of available shells. The only way to increase your shell count is by purchasing additional bodies for purchase. This keeps the game relatively simple and only really adds to the fun of playing.

Action and Challenging game:

Overall, Shell Shockers is a reasonably challenging action game with a good amount of variety and replayability. It’s not a very fast-paced game, but once you get past the learning curve, the action picks up fairly quickly. The limited shell count combined with the limited number of available shells limits the effectiveness of any one shot. The graphics and sound are both adequate. All in all, this game is worth checking out if you like what you see.

Spaceship Selection:

The strategy to make a spaceship is unique and comfortable. You can get progress by unlocking new eggs and pilots at the spot. It depends on your logic how best game you make and implement to win it.

Collect powerful cards:

You can unlock a new card by doing effort and hard work in the game. It allows opening a card at the ship, which helps you to discover more. To get a card, you face a challenging environment and situations.

Discover the excellent replacement for your action and your unique combo cards! Collect new cards or buy duplicates to ensure that you use and build the best deck configuration possible.

Multiple impossible types Play:

Experience a New Game and battle against the army of an evil space chicken, go into Skirmish Mode to fight a tight struggle with high-value rewards or move into Frequent Mode to confront mates with others to fight for unique benefits.

extra Features:

  • Best designed levels.
  • Can do fun by playing with eggs.
  • Space, wars, eggs,
  • Daily rewards.
  • Different leagues.
  • Good sound and music.
  • Deck collection.
  • They have a complicated puzzle game.
  • Need a good plan and strategy.

How to play shell shockers crazy games?

However, playing online with other players can be a lot of fun, and the game allows you to connect with other co-gamers around the world to see who has the best score. One strange and fun aspect of that game is that you can “mark” other players on the screen so that you better play against them later if you want. This is especially helpful for players without friends to play with or who need some practice in their LAN zone. There are also various achievements and high scores that are available depending on your gameplay style. You can earn more points by shooting down more shells in one round or by shooting down a particularly tough target within a set time frame.

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