Car Games to play with friends 2021

In this modern world, everyone is busy with his own affairs. No one has any time for others and even not for enjoying his own life. In this boring situation, games provide us with a good way to enjoy our time and to relieve stress from someone’s mind. And I personally think that ” car games to play with friends” are the best for enjoying the time.Also read about Top 5 Swimming Games for Adults

These games are probably the most popular games all over the world. Basically, these games are a competition between two, three, and up to many players. These games also tell us that how to win the race of practical life in which everyone is our opponent and trying to defeat us. Now, we will discuss the top 5 game racing games played all over the world.


car games to play with friends
car games to play with friends

This game is on the top of the list of the most popular games. Millions of people play this game all over the world. What makes this game so attractive is its high-quality graphics and availability of advanced features. This game was developed by “Criterion games” in 2010. After 3 years, this game was published and launched in the market. Moreover, the new versions of this game are still launching in the market. In this game, players have different features available like boost up, new cars having advanced features. This game is portable on “XBOX, iOS, PC, and also on PlayStation4”. In this game, different modes are available like multiplayer, single-player, etc. 

2.Asphalt 9 Legends

car games to play with friends

This game is probably the most popular of all the games of the “Asphalt series”. As compared to any other game, this game has more drastic features. This game has excellent graphics, real arcade game-play, high speed boost up, and also has advanced cars like BMW Z4 LCI E89, Mercedes-AMG GTS, Bugatti, and Mc Laren 570s. This game was developed by “Gameloft Barcelona” and later published by “Gameloft”.

It is launched at the start of the year 2018 and after a few months, it is available in the market. Also, this is the game is free to download and has a single and online multiplayer mode. The advanced edition of this game is expected to be launched at the end of 2021. This game is portable on “Windows 10, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and also on Nintendo Switch”. But, commonly, this game is played on Android.

3. Real Racing 3

car games to play with friends

This game is the best Autosport game designed on Formula 1 racing. In this game, there are new tracks added to enhance the interest of players. Moreover, this game contains different map routes, and the players have the choice to select any of them. This game was developed by “Firemonkeys Studios” and published by “Electronic Arts”. This game was released in February 2013. The advanced features of this game are the availability of high-speed cars like Bugatti and Mercedes, the enhancements by purchasing different apps, and the high-quality maintenance of vehicles.

This game is available on “XBOX, iOS, PlayStation 4, Android, Nvidia Shield, and also Blackberry 10 devices”. Players are able to enhance the features of their automobiles by collecting more and more coins. The visual of this game is very attractive and the drifting skills of expert drivers allow it to fall in the list of top-ranking racing games. You can also read about Top 5 Couple Games to Play

4. CSR 2 Racing (Heavy)

car games to play with friends

This game is the most popular game among both Android and PC gamers. The main reason is it is free to download and it is easily installed in your system. Secondly, this game has different interesting routes and has excellent graphics which makes this game much interactive that the public becomes crazy about this game.

This game was developed by “Boss Alien Ltd” and published by “NaturalMotion Games” and finally, launched on June 28, 2018. In this game, players also have the opportunity to customize different modern cars having high speed and advanced features by purchasing certain apps, collecting gold coins, and also winning Coppens. Also, this game has a high-speed drifting mode due to which it is the favourite of youngsters. This game is easily portable on “iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and also on OS X”. 

5. Dr. Driving

car games to play with friends
car games to play with friends

Personally, I think that there is no other racing game in competition with this game. It is a game in which almost every challenge mode is available like speed, drift, fuel efficiency, truck driving, VIP Escort, broken brake, and many other interesting modes. The graphics of this game are so realistic and players are able to activate a new car after completing the required sum of coins for a  specific car. Also, there is a map of your route and indicators are also available at every turn. This game was developed by “SUD Inc”. This game is easily installed on “Android, PC, iOS, PS 4, and also on Windows”. But, I personally think that this game is designed for Android. 

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