Crazy bartender games Free Download 2021

 If you want to play adventurous games, then Crazy bartender games are a good choice, especially, “Bartender The Right Mix”. This game is full of fun and adventure in which you have to prepare different drinks. The name of the barman is Miguel for whom you have to work. Basically, in this game, you have to mix calculated amounts of different drinks and mix them together so that it must result in a tasty drink. For adding taste to your drink, you can add lemon and ice. If you want to play some interesting games then we can suggest you best clicker heroes crazy games 2021

Crazy bartender games  Free Download 2021

On the other hand, if you mix the wrong amount of drinks, the results are worst. You will be kicked out of the game and your all progress is wasted and you have to start the game from the beginning.

About this game

In this game, you have to mix different juices in adequate amounts in order to make a tasty drink. There are a lot of drinks available on the shelf like Vermouth, Whiskey, Vodka, Tripple-Sec, Kahula, Gin, Tequila, etc, and you can any of them. 

What it contains?

At the very start of the game, you have to choose a particular drink from the shelf containing a variety of drinks that you want to add to the bear. For example, you have selected Vodka, or Tripple-Sec, or even Kahula. Then, you can add a suitable juice to your drink such as lemon, orange, strawberry, cranberry, or any other you want. Also, you have a choice to cool your drink by adding some ice to it.

For enhancing the taste of your drink, you can add lemon which increases sourness. Then, you will shake your drink and then serve your cocktail in front of Miguel, the bartender. If the bartender likes your cocktail, then you will be succeeded. But, in case you fail to prepare a satisfying drink, then you have to prepare it again and your progress will be lost. Also, you can play Car Games to play with friends 2021

You should prove yourself in front of the bartender that you are able to prepare a perfect drink. Will you mix the perfect amount of drinks in order to serve a tasty and perfect cocktail?

Crazy bartender games  Free Download 2021


This adventurous game has a lot of features. First of all, you have a choice to select a drink from a vast variety of available drinks ranging from Vermouth to Vodka. Then, there are a lot of suitable and accompanying juices and accessories available. Also, you can collect thousands of different combos by preparing perfect drinks. Moreover, the background music of this game is very sweet and satisfying.

How to play Crazy bartender games

The controls of this game are very easy. You have to click on the drink you want to pour by using the mouse and then click on the pour button to pour this drink. Then, you have to select a specific juice that you consider a suitable one, and then again press the pour button to add it to your cocktail. You should press the pour button until you think that now it is enough. Now, it depends on you, if you want lemon and some ice to your drink to enhance its taste.

Then, you click on shake in order to mix your drink and serve your cocktail in front of the bartender. The bartender, Miguel will taste your drink and tell you whether it is a tasty drink or not. The bartender, Miguel will taste your drink and tell you whether it is a tasty drink or not.   

At the end of the game, results are on your screen and they will suggest you either you need more practice or it is enough. Moreover, you can click on the help button to see the instructions. You can enhance the taste of your drink by following the instructions available on your screen. Also, you can turn off the music if you want.

How to Download Crazy bartender games

This game is “free to download” and easily installed on your device. Also, you can play this game online with your friends. Also, this game is available on the Play Store from where you can easily download this game and enjoy it.   


This game is portable on Web Browser, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX, etc. But mostly this game is played on the Web Browser( both Android and Desktop browsers). This game was first released on the website crazy games but now this game is available on many other websites. Also, enhanced versions of this game are releasing. I personally think that this game is an Android game because it is easy to control this game on Android. 


The controls of this game are very easy using the mouse. Left-click is used to select different drinks and juices available on the shelf and the same click is used to hold the pour, shake and at the end serve your cocktail in front of Miguel, the bartender.

Enjoy this funny and adventurous game

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