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 Moto X3M Bike Racing Game: If you are crazy about stunt racing games especially bike racing, then I hope you will be impressed by this one. Let’s start with the introduction of this game. Moto X3M is a time trial bike racing game featuring different stunts and challenging obstacles in your way. This game incorporates 22 exciting tiers to complete full of loopy stunts, hurdles, and excessive speeds. In short, each of the 22 levels in the game poses a new and difficult challenge and provides you an opportunity to carry out the wild and dangerous stunts on your dirt bike. Enter a mad global world of falling and exploding items that will compel and catapult you forward to the end of each level. Equip your helmet, fire your engine, and compete against the clock to finish the line. 

    Moto X3M Bike Racing Game


How to play Moto X3M Bike Racing Game


As you move forward in the game, there is a segment of trial and error as you navigate the various obstacles and hurdles given out by each new track. As you know that the errors and obstacles cost time and affect your rankings when you finish the line in each of the 22 levels. To avoid this situation, “use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and decelerate your bike, and use the left and right arrow keys to adjust and control your tilt”. Secondly, try and angle your bike accurately to jump over the hurdles and the deadly round saws presented in your way. Moreover, after you get skilled in the game, try to perform the cool front and backflips when jumping off the ramps and slopes to earn bonus points and to lower the time of your journey.


Each level in this game features certain cool and surprising hurdles, fantastic and amazing landscapes, and numbers of awesome tracks, jumps, loops, and even circular saws. Is it possible for you to complete each level and prove yourself a champion of this crazy bike racing game?


To finish the line earlier, you have to drive fast but approach new obstacles with attention and caution. As you know that each mistake costs time and will become a cause for lowering the star rating awarded to you at the end of each level. Secondly, you can perform different stunts like flipping your bike to take the time off your final score, so make sure that you will perform back or front flips over the bigger jumps as possible.


As there are 22 levels in the game, so it is obvious that there are at least 22 different tracks in the game i.e, one for each level. Like other games, the tracks start from the basic but soon climb up to the surfeit of traps, hurdles, and obstacles that will slow down you. In this thrilling game, all the levels have the same but great replayability as you were rewarded based on the time it takes to finish the trial.



There is a variety of bikes that you can purchase after completing certain levels. It is because the stars you earn after completing the levels are used for purchasing new bikes. Now you’re thinking about how to earn stars? The best way to gather more stars is to replay the tracks to set your best time and score a new bike for yourself having the advanced features that will further help you to collect stars in the upcoming levels.

    Moto X3M Bike Racing Game



This interesting game contains a lot of features that you will enjoy while playing it. These features are responsible for the popularity and fame of this game. Some thrilling features are as follows:


  • Classical bike racing game: This game is a classic one having a lot of thrilling features. In this game, you can enjoy riding a bike, performing stunts, and passing through unique tracks  It has a simulation and sports gameplay with 22 unique levels that will surprise everyone. Enjoy this interesting game that was designed to keep your brain sharp and active.


  • Challenging levels: In this game, more than 20 challenging levels are in the hands of players. These levels vary in their difficulty level and the upcoming levels seem nearly impossible to complete. As you play the game, the opposition increases and each level has its own specific time duration and you have to put more effort into your shots in order to win the level. You have to complete the mission within the time limit to earn maximum stars.


  • Excellent Quality Graphics: This game appears more attractive and thrilling in front of players due to its HD graphics. Animations, unique tracks, deadly round saws in the game appear realistic and seem to breathe. The HD graphics will not only help in making it beautiful but also a cause of its fame. It will also improve the fantasy and realistic appearance of this game and makes its gameplay massively addicting.


  • Simple and easy controls: The controls of this game are so simpler. Simple and easy controls make this game intuitive and instinctive to learn from the very start for the newcomers. What you have to do is simply control the speed of your bike using up and down arrow keys to accelerate and decelerate your bike, and use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the tilt.


  • Easy access: You can easily approach bike racing games using different means. You can enjoy these games on Web Browser and on your Android also. Also, there are many others but the public enjoys them mostly on Web Browser and  Androids. If you want to install them you can easily address them at different websites.


  • Excellent and iconic music: In this game, there is excellent and iconic music that compels you to reach the next level in your journey. After rapidly losing in the game, you become hopeless but it will motivate you to move forward in the game.


  • For all ages: There is no specific age limit for playing these games. No matter how old you are, you can play them and enjoy the moments in your life. But, teenagers show more interest in these games as compared to adults. Also, you can construct remarkable moments by playing them with your friends and family members.


  • Completely free of cost: Moto racing games are completely free to play. What you have to do is simply install these games on the respected devices. There is a choice that you can avail of by enjoying them on Web Browser (both the desktop and phone) and also some of them may be installed on Androids. They are free to download and a relaxing source for exhausted persons.



This is a Web Browser game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

Moto X3M Spooky Land

This game is an amazing spooky installment. In this episode, you have to ride your motorbike through different Halloween-themed tracks filled with hurdles and obstacles. In this series, you will ride your bike and perform all kinds of stunts to jump hazardous objects coming in your way.  The main objective in this Spooky Land episode is to reach the finishing line in the lowset time as possible. It requires the cleverness of your mind and fingers. The clever and quicker you are, the more stars you will earn for each level. But there is a problem, each time you crash you are using valuable time moments, so be as fast as you can.


Moreover, you can use your hand-earned stars to buy new model bikes and riders like a pumpkin on a motorbike made up of bones or a witch on a moped. The gameplay is completely Halloween along with a spooky aesthetic, from the creepy and scary nighttime. The backdrop consists of spikes made up of bones and toxic green goop.


There are 22 levels in the game and each level features creative and new tracks you will be anxious to try out them. As you move in the game, the levels seem to be tricky and introduce trickier traps and more complex hurdles and obstacles. Moreover, each level in this series features new and creative track designs you will be anxious to try out.


This game is an HTML5 game that can be played on iPhone, Android, tablets, and also Web Browser (both mobile and PC), and its controls are very easy and simple. First of all, press the space bar to start the game. Then, use W or up arrow key to speed up your bike. For applying brakes or reducing the speed, press the S button or down arrow key. To control the tilt of your bike (both by back and front wheel), use A or D and left or right arrow keys respectively. Finally, do lots of backflips for extra time.


This game is the fourth episode and features a lot of new challenging levels and beautiful winter tracks. In this series, you have to control your bike through a wave of wonderland-themed levels covered in snow, festival decorations, and a series of pine trees. There are more than 15 levels in this episode full of cool obstacles and jumps, new and imaginative winter tracks, and a lot of decorative backgrounds. 


This game features beautiful and fascinating tracks, new and challenging levels, unlockable new motorbikes, and nice music. It was released in December 2017 and portable on different devices. This game is an HTML5 game that can be played on iPhone, Android, tablets, and also Web Browser (both mobile and PC), and its controls are very easy and the same as mentioned above.


Use up and down arrow keys to accelerate and decelerate, and then left and right arrow keys to control the tilt of your bike. Simply, control your bike and carve your way through each level and try to do as many flips as you can to gain a score boost and to earn 3x stars at the end of each level. When you have a great collection of stars, use them to unlock new bikes.


Moto X3M Pool Party


This game is another awesome installment of the x3m series. The gameplay of this episode is just the same as that of the original one in this series in which you have to control a motorbike and carve your way through a series of never-ending hurdles and obstacles in your track. The aim or theme of this title is a pool party. You have to ride your vehicle and encounter everything from the sunshine and waterslides to umbrellas and giant tubes. Moreover, the beach setting is fantastic and you will be eager to try out each upcoming level.


This game features a tremendous stunt bike, 22 new and challenging levels to beat, dangerous obstacles like giant round tubes and deadly jumps, a unique and lovely beach background in each level, three biker options, and a full-screen mode available that you can enjoy. This game is an HTML5 game that can be played on iPhone, Android, tablets, and also Web Browser (both mobile and PC), and its controls are very easy and the same as mentioned above.


The 22 levels of this game are unique and seem to be tricky and introducing complex traps as you move in the game. Also, this game is completely free to play and its controls are so simple. You have to use W or up arrow key to speed up your bike and press the S button or down arrow keys to reduce the speed of your bike. To tilt your bike use AD or left or right arrow keys. Try to perform backflips to add extra time to your journey and to earn 3x stars.

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