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 Crazy Stickman Game contains a lot of interesting games that you can enjoy. You have to jump, fire, fight, race, battle, and explore your own way through our awesome and amazing list of stickman games. There are hundreds of games in this category like stickman shooting games, stickman jumping games, stickman fighting games, stickman sportsman games, and many other games. As you might imagine about this category is not much popular among us, but it is not the whole truth. Thousands of people play games of this category all over the world. 

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The second question that might come to your mind is which games of this category are generally popular. While exploring the games of this category, you might find a disproportionate amount of stickman fighting games, shooting games, jumping games, stickman sports games, 2D platformer games, and many others. While exploring the category, you must navigate through the crazy levels of these games making sure that you reach your destination timely and safely. Despite all that, these are the most action-packed titles. Now, we will discuss the features of this category and some interesting titles.


The games in this category have a lot of interesting games that you enjoy while playing these games and also a cause for the popularity of this category among our youth. 

  • Excellent quality Graphics: The HD graphics of these games make these games more attractive and interesting in front of players. Animations and the objects in the game appear realistic and seem to breathe. The HD graphics will not only help in making these games beautiful but also attractive in front of the public. It will also improve the fantasy and realistic appearance of these games and make the gameplay of these games massively addicting. 
  • Easy access: There is easy access to approximately all the stickman games. You can play these games on Web Browser and on your Android also. There are many other platforms that also offer these games but mainly the public enjoys these games on Web Browser and on their Android phones. If you want to install them you can approach these games through different websites and also they are available on PlayStore and AppStore. 
  • Unprecedented freedom of choice: The most amazing feature of this category of games according to me is the availability and freedom of choice. There are thousands of different games in this category like stickman sports games, spear games, fighting games, archer games, shooting games, battle games, jumping games, platform games, puzzle games, action games, adventurous games, racing games, and hundreds of other interesting games. You can pick up anyone from these interesting games and enjoy your time by playing these games. This is the main reason which I think responsible for the popularity and fan following of these games and also responsible for the attraction of the public towards these games. 
  • Many endings: These games have no specific endings. There is no specific ending of these games, it depends upon the situation in the game. Different situations lead to different endings which will increase the uniqueness of this category. While playing these games, players can expect different endings, therefore players develop their interests and remain grounded in the game. 
  • Interesting world/stories: Another important feature is that the situations of these games are very interesting and attractive. Each game has its own specific story different from the other one. Each game has its own main characters as well as distinct controls due to which the players did not become tedious and enjoy these games. In order to enjoy the game effectively, first, read the history and story of that game and then start playing the game. 
  • Availability in several languages: In these games, there is an option of language in which there are different languages available. You can select any of the available languages in order to understand the instructions in these games. Moreover, you can also click on the instructions option in order to understand the controls and the strategy of these games. In this way, you can play effectively and easily. 
  • For all ages: There is no age limit for playing these games. No matter how old you are, you can play these games and enjoy the moments in your life. But, teenagers show more interest in these games as compared to adults. Also, you can enjoy these games with your family and friends in order to make the moments remarkable. 
  • Completely free of cost: All these games in this category are completely free to play. What you have to do is simply install these games on the respected devices or also you can enjoy these games on Web Browser. You can also download some games on Android. They are also free to download and what you have to do is simply install these interesting games on respected devices and enjoy these games. 

 Some interesting games of this category

crazy games stickman army

crazy games stickman army is an epic and intense platformer game along with interesting and challenging gameplay. While playing this interesting game you must navigate through different crazy levels of this game and enjoy the moments. But you have to make sure that you will reach your destination safely and timely. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful and awesome stickman characters that you can purchase and even upgrade. 

In this game, there are 10 different interesting and complex levels you have to pass through them and overcome the obstacles like circular saws, deadly spikes, and large gaping chasms placed in your path in order to play the two bonus levels of this game. This interesting game has great playability and will be able to provide you a lot of hours to enjoy and relax. In order to play this game, use the arrow keys of the keyboard to move and shift your stickman character from one place to another. As your stickman character is flexible, you can perform various cool actions like double jump and rolling slides.

There are a lot of interesting features in this game like the flexibility of your stickman character, different obstacles placed in your path, activate different boost options in order to perform coll actions, and a lot of levels to complete. This game was released in January 2018 and also it is free to download. You can enjoy this game on the Web Browser (desktop and Android phones). 

crazy games stickman prison

crazy games stickman prison is an interesting shooting game in which you have to kill your opponents and the enemies. This game is a fantastic shooting game where you have to simply kill all the prisoners except your teammates. There is chaos or disorder in the prison complex and you have to resolve this chaos spread all the way in the prison. In this game, you have to choose your particular side, and become the leader of your team. You have to give a specific direction to your team and your teammates have to follow your orders. Then, you have to lead your team to victory by killing all the opponent prisoners in this stickman shooting game. 

The controls of this game are very simple and easier. Use the WASD key to move and shift your character from one place to another. In order to shoot and fire, press the LMB keys. Stickman prison was developed and published by Madhawk Games. This studio also developed another interesting and famous game i.e, the stickman sword fighting game.

This game was first released for Android and iOS in August 2018 and then later on it was released for  WebGL (desktop) in September 2019. This interesting game is free to download and different platforms offer this cool game. These platforms include iOS, Android phones, and  Web Browser.

crazy games stickman boost

crazy games stickman boost is an interesting and cool fighting game where you have to control the stickman soldiers and try to survive as long as you can. Basically, this game is a fighting defensive game in which you have to fight against the enemies as well as protect yourself from the attack of enemies. There are two stickman characters in this game that you have to control and each stickman character one of the two sides of their defensive tower.

In order to win this game, you have to switch between these two characters to protect your defensive tower from being overrun by the attack of the enemy. 

At the very start of the game, you will start your progress from a basic level with simple weapons and basic defenses but when you move forward in the game and win different levels of this game you can unlock new equipment and upgrade your weapons and defensive measures. Moreover, by using the credits you have earned at the end of the successful levels, you can upgrade and enhance your tower and also its defenses by purchasing new weapons for your characters.

As long as you continue to play the levels of this game become harder and you have to kill or encounter a large number of enemies in order to win the harder levels. Will you help the stickman characters in protecting their positions?

This game has a lot of interesting features. There are a lot of weapons and defenses that you can purchase and upgrade, different enemy stickman models are available, you have to cover and protect both sides of the tower precisely and efficiently. Moreover, there is a rage mode available in the menu option that you can use to attack faster on the enemy. 

This interesting game was developed by Playtouch. This game was initially released in October 2016 for Android phones on PlayStore and Appstore. This game is free to download and you can enjoy this game on the Web Browser (both the Android and desktop browser) and also on the Android app (play store). 

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