Spelunky is basically a unique platformer game different from the other games in which there are a lot of monsters, secrets, treasures, traps, items, and obstacles that you have to overcome while enjoying this game. This game offers you a new and challenging experience each time you play the game. In this game, you have to go underground and suffer from different hurdles and obstacles and fight against enemies and monsters and kill them in order to win the game. You can enjoy more exciting games like Disco Elysium Gameplay 2021.


Each level in this game is different from the previous one. Each level has its own demands and difficulty level that you will experience while playing this game. Now, we will discuss the features, development, release date of this game. 

About this game 

It is an adventurous cave exploration/ treasure-hunting game in which you have to travel underground and during your journey, you will explore remarkable and fantastic places filled with a lot of traps, monsters, treasures, and secrets. Also, there are different hurdles that you have to overcome. 

This game is inspired by classic platform games and out-standing roguelike games in which the player has to gather as much treasure from the underground cave as he can. Also, you have complete freedom and liberation while you will navigate this terrifying cave and fully destructible environments in order to find out the treasures and know about the secrets hidden in this cave.

During your journey, it is obvious that there are some hurdles in your path that will try to detract you from your aim. These hurdles might be monsters or traps, and obviously, you have to defeat them. 


Another interesting fact about this game is every time you will explore the cave, there is a unique situation and a randomly generated set of levels. What is the reason behind this? What is its benefit? By doing so, you will feel fresh and exciting and the players remain grounded in the game. Moreover, you can pick up and utilize everything you find while navigating the cave, and also you can toss practically everything you come across but be remain aware!

Everything you toss or pick is to your own detriment. Use your intelligence or wits, your reflexes, and the things (items) available to you in order to remain alive in the game and to go down the cave as much as you can. 

There is also a lot of freedom in the game to how you want to navigate this cave, but there is a problem! the cave is fully destructible. Everything you find in the cave is trying to put down you. 


This game has a lot of interesting features that the players will enjoy. Now, I will enlist some important features of this game. 

  • Roguelike platforming: I think this feature is responsible for the publicity of the game. In this game, there are fully destructible and most importantly randomly generated levels that the players can enjoy. All the levels of this game are full of danger and adventure. Randomly generated means each time you will play the game, there is a prominent difference you will observe in each level. What is mainly responsible for your survival in the game along the knife’s edge is your quick thinking, intelligence, and deep understanding. 
  • Fill Your Journal: What does it mean? You are able to track your progress at any instant in the game using and a dusty and grimy explorer given to you. A person whose name is Yang (philosopher) will provide you the explorer and also he is the one who is your adviser or mentor from another age. 
  • Secrets areas: There are a lot of secrets areas in every level that you can gather while playing the game. Sometimes, these secrets are in your favor means you find life-saving items from the secrets, but it is not a universal truth. Sometimes the situation becomes the opposite and you will find secret areas empty or may contain monsters or traps.
  • Excellent quality HD graphics: This game has excellent HD graphics which also increases the attraction towards this game. Also, this feature answers the question, why people become addicted to this game.
  • Deathmatch: In order to enjoy deathmatch, first, you have to unlock 72 diverse, then pass out from different deadly arenas. Now, you are able to play deathmatch with your friends or bots.
  • Local Co-op: Another interesting feature of this game is the availability of local co-ops or helpers that will obviously help or maybe against you. This feature is only applicable in madcap cooperative play. You can ask up to 4 friends to join you in the madcap cooperative play in order to help you or may cause hindrance to stop your opponent from achieving his goal. 
  • A Colorful Cast: A list or roster of 20 squashy explorers (16 out of them are unlockable) are waiting for you in order to make their greedy dreams come true. In short, there is a difficult situation for you in the whole game and you have to suffer from this terrifying situation.
  • The daily challenge: This feature is also increasing the attraction of the public towards this game. For each day, a new set of levels is generated and waiting for you. Every day you will experience new and challenging levels in the Daily Challenge mode. This is a unique mode where you get only one chance in a  day in order to compete and fight online against the rest of your opponents and bots. 
  • Tough love: This game is full of possibilities. Anything happens, you are going to die in all possible painful, hilarious, terrifying, and painful ways. But, it also has the benefit that after each mistake you will learn more about this game, and also you are able to answer this question. How it works? Moreover, you can easily solve the mysteries in this game and get closer to win the game.

Statement about this game

Legends said, ” Legends speak of this huge and colossal cave that extends deep underground. The cave is supposed to be full of enormous and fabulous treasures and secret areas but also there is incredible danger at every step you move forward in the game. This game is so twisted by time that its passage shift like the sand under it lies……”.

spelunky 2 release date

This game was developed and published by “Mossmouth / BlitWorks”. This game is released a few years ago. The exact release date of this game is 8 Aug 2013. The public reviews about this game are very positive. Everyone leaves a positive response about this game. 


The controls of this game are very easy. Arrow keys are used to move, and “ZXC” buttons are used to do stuff in the game. 


How to Download Spelunky:

This game is free to download, and you can easily install this game on your device. Thousands of people downloaded this game on their respective devices and enjoy this game. Every player of this game leaves a positive response about this game. 



Different platforms offer the players to this game. These are Steam, PlayStation 4 (US), PlayStation 4 (EU). Also, you can enjoy this game on PC. Millions of people enjoy this game and added to lovers of this game.


Up to 4 players can enjoy this interesting game at a time.

Modes and Genre: 

This game has a lot of interesting modes like Deathmatch, The Daily Challenge, and many others. This game is an adventurous cave exploration, roguelike platformer game.

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