Crazy Math Games For Kids


Crazy Math games:

Crazy math games are the games which can help to increase your sharpness in mathematics. If you want to build your skills to solve complex mathematics problem. Then These games are best method to do that.  Some students face problems in math. Parents can use these games to make their kids math calculation and logic strong.  In the beginning of their development, Parents can play important role and provide opportunity to their children to learn much and more. Different level in games gives step by step learning process to make mathematics strong.

We will suggest you the best and Top rated games which will help you a lot.

1:Animal Math Preschool Games for Kids Math App:

Designed by parents and teachers for pre-k kindergarten preparation, this app adheres to Common Core Standards for kindergarten math.

Animal  games which includes math gives the choice to explore farms. It gives you drag drop action to select and count animals at every level of the game. Also included the level where it demands your logic to match different kinds of animals.

Playable with plenty of encouraging reinforcement, competent storytelling and catchy music by kids of all ages. The cow, chicken, goat, pig, sheep, duck and frog are cute farm animals!


  • Categories, color and geometry.
  • Addition& Subtraction.
  • Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated.
  • Players are rewarded with positive encouragement.
  • Parental controls.
  • Turn off sounds, music.
  • purchases and links to our other apps.
  • We do not collect personal information from our users.

2:Monster Math: Math Facts Practice Game for kids

The math practice game makes your kids busy in doing practice again and again on sheets. the sheets practice will strengthen their mental growth, primary and elementary education and athematic and sequential abilities.

Kids love it and enjoy studying mathematics more than conventional math flash cards. Your kid will be first in math with these cool games of math.


  • Can perform operations like subtraction, addition, division and multiplication etc.
  • 4 difficult levels for seeking more.
  • attractive ,simple and clean.
  • Many game options that kids don’t know and explore by themselves.
  •  Various fun game levels.

3:Animal Math Second Grade Games for Kids Math

This mobile game application encourages second grade math skills to be improved and complies to Common Core Principles for second grade math. It can help students of low level grade to improve their mathematics skills.


  • add, subtract division etc.  
  • can give suggestion which sign is missing
  • provide exact solution or problem.
  • special reward for players
  • odd numbers &Even
  • solve True or false equations.
  • instructions & feedback narrated
  •  special reward for players
  • good music, sound and control









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