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Basketball stars crazy games is a wonderful piece of game art. When you are a child and want to become a good player whether it is related to cricket or football or maybe basketball, the majority of people thinks basketball is a game for players with a minimum of 6.7 feet height but that’s not the case here, I have read in an article that the average height of a basketball player is 6.7 feet. Quite amazed?. Well, this game is an online multiplayer basketball crazy game that does not require to have you to be on the court running for the ball. You can play it with your friends and cousins as well.


Basketball stars is a multiplayer game in which two teams are against each other and their main goal is to shoot a ball in the basket. In this article, we tried to collect all the best rated crazy basketball star games on the play store. Yes, you heard it right, you can run any basketball on your phones, tablets, and computers!. The download process is very simple, you have to go to your respective stores, (Play store or Apple store) to download the game and just run on the device. It doesn’t require much space or ram. It’s simple – less storage taking game with pretty awesome graphics.


Here are some of the following basketball crazy games on the market!


  • BasketBall stars Crazy game
  • Street Basketball Association
  • NBA Live Mobile Basketball


1:BasketBall stars Crazy game

This game is a 1 v 1 multiplayer basketball star game. This game is also available on Miniclip, but the main thing about the game is having an internet connection. As it is an online multiplayer game, it must have ranks and different gaming modes.


Key Features of the game:

  • 3D realistic graphics
  • Competitive 1 on 1 Multiplayer battle
  • Level Up to play with different professional basketball players
  • Unique looks
  • Free to access and play on any device
  • Street Basketball Association


The best basketball in-game experience, you can invite your friends to play this game. Also, you can have a real-time game environment. This game has various cups and leagues. By winning it you can acquire different unique items and stuff.

Key Features of the game:


  • It has Training Mode
  • Its multiplayer but on local wifi means you can play with your friend with the same internet
  • 3 types of difficulty level


3:NBA Live Mobile Basketball

This National Basketball Association (NBA) game provides you to create and train the best NBA team. In this game you can build and unlock the special traits and abilities of your player. As soon as you rank high you can compete with different high professional players.


Key Features of the game:

  • Official EA Sports NBA live mobile game
  • You can unlock superstars
  • Live Events and stories
  • Requires an internet connection
  • Parental advice: Child must be 13 years old

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